The Opportunity

Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day unites thousands of volunteers across America from all walks of life to rehabilitate homes and community facilities. In North Texas, we’ve revitalized communities from Dallas to Denton and across Fort Worth. For 2018, all of our projects will be located within our priority neighborhood in East Plano. Every project that we undertake is unique. Each work site comes with a different history, specific needs, its own scope of work, and a dedicated volunteer team. Once deployed, we do everything from yard cleanup and painting to skilled plumbing, windows, electrical systems, and flooring repairs. We have even repaired or replaced roofs on homes and community facilities. As we work to revitalize communities, we also work hard to provide a positive volunteer experience for our sponsors, volunteers, and community partners. The result of year-long planning, evaluating, training, and organizing is a lasting memory and life-changing experience for our volunteers and the families and individuals that we help.

The Commitment

Sponsors provide financial support along with a volunteer team that includes a team leader, called a Volunteer Captain. Sponsors have the option of providing their own House Captain if they have a skilled volunteer interested in planning and leading their group’s repair activities. Rebuilding Together North Texas is committed to providing a meaningful, well-organized experience. Staff will identify your project, arrange for all materials, tools, and prep work, and then train and support your volunteers throughout the entire process. We’ll kick-off with a safety meeting, provide snacks and cold drinks, along with a lunch invitation and community fair for all to enjoy. Sponsorship levels are designed to meet the needs of every sponsor. While it is typical for sponsors to provide project volunteers, it is not mandatory. Sponsors may provide funding for a specific project or for National Rebuilding Day to target where
repairs are most needed.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

$5,000 | Up to 25 volunteers 

Unique one-day team building experience
National Rebuilding Day t-shirts for all team members Invitation to community lunch and activities Commemorative gift for project captains
Name on signage at project site
Listing on Rebuilding Together North Texas website

$10,000 | Up to 50 volunteers 

Neighborhood Builder Benefits
Logo on back of t-shirt
Name on signage for event and community lunch
Two dedicated Facebook posts
Media promotions designed for your team

$15,000 | Up to 75 volunteers  

Neighborhood Builder and City Builder Benefits
Prominent placement of logo on back of t-shirt
Project preference
Professional group photo taken on project day
Profile article in Rebuilding Together North Texas e-news

$40,000 | 75+ volunteers   

Neighborhood Builder, City Builder Benefits, and Community Builder Benefits
Dedicated event coordinator
Top placement of logo on back of t-shirt Co-branded press release

2017 Project Sponsors & Partners

Rebuilding Together North Texas is fortunate to have fantastic sponsors who give generously and make volunteerism part of their core values. Participating organizations span a broad range of sizes and come from almost every industry to help drive positive change in their communities. Thank you to last year’s top sponsors:

City of Plano Partnership

For National Rebuilding Day 2018, we’re partnering with the City of Plano’s annual event called Love Where You Live. 

Together, we’re committing a year to a specific community in East Plano and reaching out to help in many ways. We call it a “priority area” and it’s really about community development and getting involved in the neighborhood beyond home repair. The Love Where You Live program provides light exterior assistance like yard work and trash removal. For National Rebuilding Day, we’ll be selecting home repair projects of a moderate level and assisting with both inside and outside repairs and rehabilitation. Our goal is to reduce citations from property standard infractions and help the neighborhood become safer, healthier, and more connected.Your support means we can carry out our mission together! Join us in an extraordinary volunteer project that will impact the every day life of someone in need of assistance – a qualified, low-income senior, a veteran, someone with disabilities, or a family with school aged children. YOU make the difference!